Upswing EP

by Syd

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released March 2, 2009




Syd Ojai, California

After 8 years, a new solo album "Easy Magic" is coming out one song at a time. Follow along at

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Track Name: The Big Town
So you say you wanna get out of dodge
you want to head for the hills you want to burn up all that rubber
you feel so very misunderstood
You got dreams, got move it, won’t get it done in the suburbs

I know you were headed for the big town
but I hear it’s been something of a let down
It swallowed you up, yeah it spit you out
I am speaking from experience I couldn’t be more serious

leave all your possesions, you don’t need a direction
you know you kind of find the danger thrilling
keep seeking perfection, well tell me when you get it
cuz we could bottle it up and make a killing

Turns out, you can find a way to be alone wherever you go
Track Name: Mallory
I sleep in a permanent sunset
you’ve been sleeping through kentucky nights
we pulled up, can’t help but notice
there’s something different going on tonight

see I had stopped I gave up believing
but you look like a green eyed reason
to give me faith, to give me hope
that maybe, just maybe I won’t die alone

mallory, I want you to come to me
I’ve been waiting
mallory, why can’t I make you see
I’ve been waiting

step back, I gotta get to know you
that’s always been the toughest road
before I know it we’re heading down the highway
and I am still sleeping alone

maybe you are dreaming of the big town
maybe you want to follow me home
how can I know? I never got your number
I only got one word to keep me warm

mallory, I want you to come to me
I’ve been waiting
mallory, why can’t I make you see
I’ve been waiting

can’t believe it
in the nashville night
suddenly I see
mallory is there for me

can’t explain it
how did she ever find me?
I’ve been hopelessly waiting
now I finally see

mallory, mallory
I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting!
Track Name: The Pattern
you tell yourself you’re ruthless
cold hard steel on the edge of a knife
but scratch below the surface
cut right down and you will surely find
a deep seeded repitition, with painful precision
a pattern you’ve played out before

things’ll never change when you’re built like this
so find the prettiest mistake and give her a kiss

this is the pattern repeat it repeat it
this is the damage conceal it conceal
line it up exactly like you lined it up before
end up where this all began and begin once more

so you think that I deserve this?
this crippled core, this blind foresight
I prefer to think I earned it
if I ever think at all these days I find
it’s desire, that idiot fire, that burns any reason to a hot white light

things may never change since I’m built like this
so I find the prettiest mistake and give her a kiss
Track Name: Easier On You
you think we’re going nowhere
that you ever dreamed of
could this be our love?
I’m sleeping in again, you hate to waste the sunlight
I’ll never get a job, you live for the 9-5
I’m gonna get you back when the money comes
I would pick up the slack but I gotta run

you think I’m never gonna let you down?
well I’ll make it easier on you
that could be all that I will do
but I’ll try to make it easier on you

cut me a little break I’ll try to change my ways
to make it easier on you

not what I meant
never listened to a word I said
don’t misundertand
I know that I can be your man
I’ll get up on my feet, I’ll try to make this right
you won’t clean after me I’ll never pick a fight
I’m gonna buy that ring get on one knee
I’m gonna make you learn that you can love me

when did we
come so unhinged?
if you love me now
like you loved me then
we gotta work it out
you’re something I can’t live without
I’ll make it easier on you
if you’ll make it easier on me